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So how much do replacement windows really cost anyway?

A lot of that depends on the options you choose. One of the things that the state of Texas will no longer let you make the choice on is whether or not you use Low E, argon gas in the airspace and a vinyl frame. The newest International Building Code, which has already been adopted by many cities in Texas, calls for stringent energy saving numbers, far greater than just a few years ago. These items, or their equivalent, will be required in order to meet the new building code requirements that are effective September of 2016, according to our vinyl replacement window suppliers.

Even thermalbreak aluminum windows will not be able to meet the new code requirements, they tell us. With three layers of glass, krypton gas instead of argon gas and 2 layers of Low E coating…MAYBE – but the jury is still out. And those will cost a fortune!

Builder grade aluminum windows are gone for good. That is a positive development as many of these were such poor quality, they were not a lot better than a hole in the wall of your home. Sadly, our home state of Texas is known for having some of the lowest quality window manufacturers anywhere. Replacement windows always did cost more than the builder grade windows commonly used in new homes, but that is because they were much higher in quality.

How much do replacement windows options cost?

Our replacement window cost calculator on the Window Kingdom “Pricing” page of this website can quickly give you an accurate idea of what to expect a window upgrade to cost.

Adding a colored frame or adding divided panes (you know, the little squares in the windows that kind of break up the look of it) does add a little bit to the cost. Almond or beige frame colors cost about $14 to $16 more than white, in most cases. There is a slightly darker color, kind of a medium tan, that ordinarily adds about $25 or so above the cost of a white vinyl window. Window manufacturers may call this darker color adobe, driftwood, sandstone or something like that. Many offer both the lighter (beige or almond vinyl frame) and the darker color frame. Some companies can paint the outside of the vinyl windows in colors such as bronze, green or red, but that typically costs over $100 more per window, and being a painted vinyl window frame, many homeowners are a little skeptical of the long term durability of the painted finish, despite quality window manufacturers such as NT Window offering a 15 year warranty on the integrity of the paint film.

How much do replacement windows with divided panes cost?

Ordinarily, the add on cost is about $25. This is typically for about 6 panes in the top and 6 panes in the bottom half of the window; the number of panes varies, depending on the window size. A different type of divided pane pattern is becoming more popular these days. It is called “Prairie Divided Lites” or “Prairie Divided Panes”. The divider bars are located only near the outside perimeter of the window frame. It leaves the center of the windows appearing more open, for a better view, while providing a divided “lite” or pane look for curb appeal. Most manufacturers charge more for prairie lites than ordinary divided lites.

The option for prairie divided panes is available on our replacement window cost calculator, located on this page. The calculator will even show you a picture of it, if you like, compared to the appearance of traditional divided panes.

What benefits am I getting for the extra replacement window cost I am paying, compared to a lightweight vinyl builder grade window?

Heavier frames, less insulated glass seal failure, significantly improved Low E heat reflective coatings, stronger lifting systems, thicker and stronger glass and other quality features, mean you get a much better window than the original one you are replacing. The cost of replacing old windows in your home is, in fact, a significant investment in the future of your home. New windows do more to make your home truly comfortable, beautiful and livable than almost any other home improvement you can make.

Because of the new building code requirements, a high performing Low E glass (short for Low Emissivity) is required. Argon gas is needed in the airspace of most windows in order for them to meet the new international building codes. Argon also helps to reduce the outside noise levels somewhat. Be sure to choose the argon gas option on our window replacement cost calculator in order to get an accurate cost on windows that will meet the new code requirements.

Old aluminum frames conduct so much heat and cold that the consensus is that they will be no longer be able to meet the new energy codes no matter how many Bandaids you put on them. We have found from researching the energy numbers, that you could take the glass out of a high performing vinyl window, install it in an aluminum frame, and the overall performance of the entire window would drop by about 30%.

With all these new developments, the overall cost to replace your old windows continues to rise. The light at the end of the tunnel though, is you will save money on your utility bills, and have a more beautiful and more comfortable home to show for your investment in new replacement windows. Window Kingdom works to keep your costs low.

Just use our free and instant online replacement window cost calculator on this page to get an immediate, accurate quote for replacing the old windows in your home. If you have any difficulty using it, just call us and we will either walk you through it or enter the information for you. You will receive a copy of the quote in your email right as soon as the quote is done.

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