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Technology is changing everything! After 25 years of doing the replacement window business the old-fashioned way, it became apparent that homeowners want a more convenient, hassle-free way of doing business.

What homeowners want to spend the little time they do have together to sit down and listen to a 2 or 3 hour high-pressure presentation when non-biased answers to their questions are as close as the nearest computer? Who wants to study negotiation tactics and then try to match wits with a well trained salesman who has been carefully coached to “overcome objections” with psychological techniques? Sale prices that are good “today only” are commonplace. I wonder how they explain that to the Federal Trade Commission?...or does that mean they may be going out of business tomorrow? Why does the same window they sold another homeowner for $595 yesterday, cost you $650 today? Lots of questions that seem to have no really good answer…

I feel for the companies out there who can only do business with you the old fashioned way…dodging your pricing questions over the phone, then sending out a salesman, hoping he can bring home the sale. It’s just incredibly expensive to run an organization like that anymore. Good salesmen sell about 1 out of 4 leads or call-ins that they see. As much as 40% of those sales fall away due to homeowners’ bad credit. Who is going to pay the bill for all those people that the salesman invested his time to see that didn’t work out? What about the nice lady who answers the phone all day and the fine office building and the finance manager who struggles to get the jobs financed, even if he has to charge a 15 % - 25% interest rate? And what about the ongoing high cost of ads in the yellow pages of the phone book, newspaper, tv and radio? Someone has to pay for it. That’s why most companies have to sell the windows installed for 3 to 5 times what the window costs. It’s just that expensive to do business the old fashioned way.

You can save money now because you have embraced the technology of the future. Those who don’t use the internet will be left out. We’ve simplified everything for you! While a free no-obligation in home consultation is always available, you can save time by pricing out your own windows all by yourself on our website (Click on the “Pricing” tab.) All you have to do is take a few rough measurements and type them in – or call us and we will do it for you! We would rather you have a good idea of what your new windows should cost before we even get together. That way, if you know you wouldn’t be able to replace them now or even half of them at this time (we do that a lot), no one has invested their time in something that wouldn’t work out anyway.

Our free no-obligation in home consultation allows us to personally listen to you, help you assess your needs and show you a working model of several different windows we would recommend to meet your needs. We will confirm your window sizes, inspect for situations that may require tempered safety glass and explain the issue of fire escape or “egress” with you. If you decide to order, we’ll have our installer drop by and make accurate measurements down to the eighth-of-an-inch.

Our windows are manufactured by companies well known in the replacement window business. Simonton is America’s largest manufacturer of vinyl windows for the replacement market, and North Texas Window (“NT Window, Inc.” officially) is a Ft. Worth based manufacturer of well-made, value oriented vinyl and aluminum replacement windows. We like to refer to Don Young Company as the “Maytag” of replacement windows, maybe overbuilt, maybe a little higher on price, but a window you will always be glad that you used in your own home.

A recent development:There are several national companies out there now who offer a white vinyl window installed for an unbelievably low price. But by the time the adders are put in there for Low E glass, divided panes, argon gas, caulking the inside of the window, hauling off your old windows, removing the labels from the windows, etc., etc., etc., you may be surprised at what that window costs. One of the most widely sold discount windows cannot even meet the Stimulus tax credit requirements, no matter how many band-aids they put on it. Lucky for you, the salesman has a more expensive window in his car that will meet the tax credit requirements! Our best selling, most economical window, the NT Executive, will meet the tax credit requirements simply by choosing argon gas in the airspace for $14 per window.

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The Window Kingdom Team