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NOTE: We are only able to serve specific areas of Texas…the entire Dallas – Ft. Worth metroplex and then almost all of Northeast Texas – Longview and Tyler, Texas plus about a 60 mile radius of Longview and Tyler.

How to figure or calculate the cost of new windows for your own home

We have come up with a quick and easy way for you to figure out almost exactly what it will cost to replace your home’s tired, old windows with new high quality, easy clean, high efficiency, locally manufactured, vinyl replacement windows. A window up to 3 feet x 6 feet, whether it opens up and down, or side to side, costs $399 plus tax. Normal window installation is free with the window purchase.

NT Pres DH White w Panes - Exterior

This price is for an NT Executive window, made in Ft. Worth, Texas, with a white extra thick (.075”) vinyl frame, complete with top of the line Low E 3 glass, with a half screen. Standard features of this window include the manufacturer’s lifetime warranty, premium Superspacer non-metal insulated glass spacer system, extra thick double strength glass, heavy metal reinforcement at the center bar / lift rail, stainless steel constant force lifting system, true sloped sill and much more.

Extra option pricing (Below prices already include sales tax.)

If you want an almond (beige) frame, just add $19 per window.

If you would like grilles, or grids or “panes” as some people call them, just add $27 per window.

(By the way, if you don’t want to do the math, just call us now at 888-839-6326 and we will do the math for you and email a quote to you !)

Many homes have windows attached together to form “twins” made up of two windows attached together, or triples with three windows attached together. Count a twin as 2 windows and count a triple as 3 windows. Then add $25 for each attachment bar as shown in the illustration on the right side of this page.

Another option some people like, especially for upstairs rooms, is “double hung”, meaning both the top and bottom panels raise, lower, and tilt in for easy cleaning from inside your home. Double hungs are helpful for window cleaning on a 2 story home but we recommend the less costly single hung windows otherwise, because there is less air leakage and they are harder for a burglar to break in to. If you want double hung, just add $30 per window.

If the top of your windows are rounded instead of flat, just call me for a quick quote on them. I need to enter those into the NT computer system from my laptop to get an accurate price for you.

We can save you about $75 per opening if you have any old “twin” windows consisting of 2 windows about 3 foot by 3 foot attached together to fill a 6 foot wide by 3 foot tall opening. Using a horizontal sliding window to fill that same opening costs less and it makes it much easier to climb out in case of a fire or home invasion. Figure the price as 2 windows but then deduct the $75 savings mentioned earlier.

The only other common option we sell on NT Windows is an upgrade to the NT Presidential series window at $25 each. It is not a lot more money but the lower priced NT Executive already includes almost all the features of the Presidential. The main features that make the Presidential different are night latches, in case you like to sleep with the windows open. However, the manufacturer is quick to point out that these should not be called “security latches” by window sales people because the truth is they do not really add any significant security. More of a salesman’s tool, like the double hung feature.

NT Pres White DH w Panes - Interior - Triple

Glass breakage warranty

Many homeowners choose the optional Lifetime Glass Breakage Warranty (materials only) offered by NT Window. Just add $11 per window if you want broken glass coverage. Glass breakage coverage is the same $11 upgrade cost for either the Executive or the Presidential.

For a free in-home window quotation, just call your local number at the top of this page or call 1-888-839-6326 to schedule your free window quotation. Our in-home quotes are a guaranteed price, not just an estimate.

Equally Sectioned Triple slider with Panes

Presidential series option exclusive upgrades

It is necessary to upgrade to the Presidential in order to get the darker tan “Sandstone” color ( a $20 upgrade, on top of the upgrade to Presidential at $25) or for some other unusual options like a painted exterior or a particular type of grille that sits on the exterior surface of the glass instead of being inside the airspace, between the two panes of glass. The Presidential series also offers a foam filled frame option and a triple glazing option, which we consider to be overkill and nothing more than a salesman’s tool.

Don’t forget, our in home window quotes are free. Just call the local number at the top of the page or 888-839-6326 to schedule your free window quotation. Our in home quotes are a guaranteed price, not just an estimate.

Slider Replacing Twin Window

NT window warranty and misleading sales practices

Many window salesmen are currently trying to sell the NT Presidential for a lot more money than the NT Executive, but the Executive offers so much value that they are having to mislead homeowners in order to get homeowners to pay much more for the Presidential.

You may catch these salespeople saying things like “the Executive has only a 10 year warranty” or saying that there are other quality differences. That is often what they have to resort to, in order to make their sales tactics work. The truth is, the warranty that covers the Executive is the same warranty that applies to the Presidential. It is the same piece of paper! CLICK HERE to read the actual NT Window Warranty.

(By the way, if a salesman lies to you even once, are you going to trust the next words that come out of his mouth?)

Triple Replacement Window

The glass is the same; the frame thickness is the same; the non metal spacer system is the same; the stainless steel lifting system is the same

Unequal Sectioned Triple Slider - No Panes

The only significant differences are the “night latches” mentioned earlier on this page, and a slightly different look on the exterior of the window, and a slightly stronger screen frame if you happen to choose both double hung and a full screen.

Don’t forget, our in home window quotes are free. Just call the local number at the top of the page or 888-839-6326 to schedule your free window quotation. Our in home quotes are a guaranteed price, not just an estimate.

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