Don Young Double Hung

Don Young Company was the first vinyl window manufacturer in Texas. They have been manufacturing for over 30 years.

Compare that to the 6 years or less, that some other local manufacturers have been in business. Several other local manufacturers we know of have been repeatedly bankrupt (under previous names) or their parent company has.

The double hung window has always been a popular choice for ease of cleaning, especially on 2 story homes. Click here to find out the Difference Between a Single Hung and a Double Hung. You can also get fixed windows, crank out casement windows and special shape windows.

STIMULUS TAX CREDIT QUALIFICATION - Just choose the Argon gas option in order for these vinyl windows to qualify. Click here for details of the 2010 Stimulus Tax Credit.

GLASS TYPE - To meet Texas energy codes, Low E glass is used. Don Young’s standard Low E is Guardian RLE 55/27 glass.

GLASS THICKNESS - “Double Strength” inside and outside with a 1/2” airspace for overall thickness of 3/4”. Click here to learn the details and why Double Strength is so important.

FRAME COLORS - Linen White or Desert Sand or Adobe (a medium tan color). Adobe is the color featured in our video on the double hung window, click here to see the video.

FRAME AND SASHES - 75/1000’s of an inch thick and Fusion Welded; that’s almost 15% thicker than the vinyl walls on many vinyl windows on the market. Numerous hollow chambers inside the vinyl framework add significant structural strength to this window. Click here to see our own video details on Fusion Welded frames and sashes.

FRAME THICKNESS - 3 ¼ inches. (That’s important because vinyl is extremely energy efficient but not very strong. For that reason, you need a lot of it. Many vinyl windows are only about 2 ¾ inches thick and as a result, they just don’t have the strength of this window.)

GLASS SPACER SYSTEM - non metal Duralite. Click here for more details including a short video on the Types of spacer systems.

Click here to go to the Duralite Webpage.

LIFTING SYSTEM OR “BALANCES” - Coiled stainless steel “constant force”. Click here to see our own short video on the Constant Force Balance. Click here to go a Constant Force manufacturers webpage


Watch the video on this window on the Products page of this website for more information on this important feature.

1) No divided panes
2) Flat grilles inside the airspace

3) Contoured or “sculpted” grilles inside the airspace.

Click here for more detailed info or to view our own video of these Divided Pane Types.

Night Latches.
Watch our own video of this window on our Products page for more info on this feature.

FULL SCREEN STANDARD, half screen optional.


All window components carry the manufacturer’s TRANSFERRABLE limited lifetime warranty. .

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