Tempered Glass Requirements

Tempered glass is glass that has been heat strengthened to the point that, if broken,
it will shatter into hundreds of blunt pieces that will not seriously injure a person or

All DOORS manufactured since 1974 have tempered glass.

According to the International Building Code, which has been adopted by the state
of Texas, any glass in a window that is within 2 feet of a door, and within 53” of the
finished floor surface. must be tempered. Also, any FIXED window with over 9
square feet of glass in it, must be tempered IF it is within 18" of the floor of your

This same tempering requirement would apply to the bottom of any operating
window within 18" of the floor BUT ALMOST ALL VERTICALLY OPERATING
WINDOWS ARE EXEMPTED from this requirement because the bottom glass is
ALMOST NEVER over 9 square feet.

Also any window glass within 60" of the floor, that is over a bathtub or in a shower
must be tempered.

The last primary state code requirement for tempering involves windows above
stairs. Any window glass with 60" of a stair step or landing must be tempered, in
case anyone ever fell into it.

Some cities have their own specific code requirements that may call for the use of
tempered safety glass in addition to what state and international codes call for.

Window manufacturers often automatically use tempered glass, once a window
reaches a certain size, for the safety of their workers and installers and to lessen
breakage during transport.

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