Lana Myers

I can only speak about the difference the windows have made during the winter months. I'm sure as the seasons change I will enjoy them in a different manner. So here are my thoughts during the short time since the improvement was completed.

The security is another issue for me. What a safe feeling I have, now that all my windows will lock. One thing for sure, if I ever lock myself out of my house, I'll have a difficult time getting in. Where as before, anyone could have got inside from almost any window in my house. Also, the new windows have cut down on the noise level. So my house is much quieter and safer.

Last but not least, no more cold drafty air in my house. Now when I set the thermostat, the central heat actually cuts off when the desired temperature is reached. Before, the heat would run continuously and never really warm the house. Now, I find myself using the heat a lot less. Now my house is a lot more efficient and uses a lot less energy which saves on my utility bills.

Here lately we've had some nice warm sunny days. For the first time in the 9 years I've lived here, I can open my windows in every room and let the fresh air blow through my house. That is so nice. No more mini blinds in this house, ever.

I'm sure when summer gets here I'll realize more benefits. Each new season gives me more and more reasons to be glad I had the job done. Now I feel like my old house will out live me where as before, I might have out lived it!

The guys were great. Really hard workers. It was an exciting time for me and I'm so very pleased.

That's pretty much it for now. Let me know if I can be of any further help. And one more time, thanks for a job well done and for great products.

Danni & Jennifer Bauer

We used the online calculator to get the base cost and adjusted it according to our specific needs. That amount stayed unchanged to the penny throughout the entire process.

The person who came to our home to show us the windows made multiple visits. His main focus was showing us the windows and discussing their features, never trying to sell us anything.

After our in-depth research into all of the replacement window companies in the area, it was a no-brainer to partner with Window Kingdom to replace our windows. From discovering all of the information on their web site, to working with their people, to experiencing the installation, this was the best home improvement project we've ever undertaken.

Howard and his helper were terrific! They were very polite, clean and professional, and they were a pleasure to have working on our home. We cannot say enough about how pleased we are with their work. That and the fact that we are comfortable temperature-wise and can see outside through the windows makes us very happy campers.

Jennifer and I are thrilled with how this all went. Feel free to include us on your reference list and expect to be contacted by a friend or two of ours soon :)

Thank you from the warm, bright, breeze-free interior of our home.

Edward Mitchell

I personally would like to thank the Window Kingdom Family for a wonderful and pleasant experience in providing me and my family with new replacement windows for our home. I will admit that after all the price quotes and visitations to my home by several window replacement companies; I truly did not have the faith necessary to believe that this project would ever be completed. The Window Kingdom Family carried my faith to a whole new level and truly helped me to not only understand what customer service is all about, but truly the meaning of family. Yes, that is truly how I feel...part of the Window Kingdom Family.

My new Simonton 9800's looked absolutely great and were delivered and installed in the time promised to me and my family. From consultation, to measurement, to great pricing, to installation, you never wavered in your commitment to me or every requested detail that I expected for my replacement windows. I thank Window Kingdom for making my experience much easier than I thought it would be. Working for a fortune 500 company, I always have provided the very best in customer service, yet when that customer service is returned in the manner in which you and your company have returned it; it truly puts a smile on my face.

I truly look forward to doing business with you in the future and will recommend Window Kingdom to all my friends and family now and into the future. Thank you for everything.

Monique Losson

We loveLOVElove our new home -- er, I mean -- windows! It's like a whole new place with these great new windows. Can you believe we do not want to get window treatments because they look so good! Well, maybe we'll have to get one or two for privacy issues. Actually, during the day, one cannot see into the house through the windows. However, from our vantage point, looking out, it is nothing but clear light. I could swear our house looks a little brighter since the window installation. We have definitely noticed a "tighter feel": there is minimal street noise (at best), and the house seems "tighter" all around.Those windows are really closed. If we want to open them, it's a breeze (haha! I mean that literally AND figuratively)! I haven't had to "fight" with any of our new windows to stay open -- or to shut them -- at all!

We look forward to many wonderful years of "looking out" with a relaxed smile of satisfaction.

Many thanks for your help. Cheers!

Dan Cross

I would like to take this opportunity to Thank you and your employee's on the recent work completed on my home.

Your workers are truly craftsmen, and professional. They started and finished the job on time and paid exactly as the contract stated which is refreshing these days. I am 100% satisfied with my job.

Removing 11 windows and replacing 11 in one day is excellent. Please thank everyone for the excellent job. On time at the right price Out-standing materials. This has really been the best experience I have ever had with any contractor (Bar None).

In Closing please post this on your website and you can invite any potential customers to look at my new windows anytime. I look forward to working with you and your employees if I should need more improvements on my home. GREAT JOB.

Rosemary Balazs

My husband and I feel very fortunate to have found this company as I was researching replacement windows for my home. I had many questions and they were all answer clearly and in a timely manner. This made the selection of our new windows very easy. Throughout the selection process, purchase and installation, this company acted in a friendly and professional manner. We're delighted with our choice of windows and would highly recommend Mr Stanton and his company to anyone that is interested in quality replacement windows at a great price and a perfect installation experience.

Robert S. Prock

The windows are a nice improvement in our home, not only in appearance but in efficiency. When I stand close to the large windows I no longer feel cold radiating from them. The North Texas windows really seem to reduce draftiness and I expect will help cut my electric bill. The windows' fit and finish is very nice with the custom trim pieces.

Having the windows measured and then delivered made the process very easy, and I would recommend the windows and your company to anyone looking to upgrade the appearance and energy efficiency of their home.

Brandy Jones

We had old wood true divided lite windows that wouldn't open, were hard to clean and drafty. The night we had the new windows installed, we were amazed at the temperature difference it immediately made in the house! I love these windows!

Jared Crook

Hi this is Jared Crook. I've had you guys install storm windows this spring. They are great! Combined with more attic insulation, my energy bill is considerably lower.

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